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Date:Thursday December 2, 2004 4:28:40 pm MST
Subject:Re: parrot books etc
Message:Are you talking about "" or something like that? I am skeptical of those because I see them all over the place..."", etc...

Personally I would use either the "old fashioned" way (buying a book from Borders Bookstore, Barnes & Noble or some other similar place) or just learning from chatting with existing parrot owners.

I have several parrot books and they are all good. There is Julie Rach's "Why Does My Parrot Do That", Sally Blanchard's "The Companion Parrot Handbook", and Mattie Sue Athan's "Guide To Companion Parrot Behavior". Just browse next time you go into a large bookstore and I'm sure you'll find some book worth buying.

You can't read those online books when you're in the "library" (bathroom <grin>) or if you're enjoying a nice day on the patio, or if you're waiting in line at the Secretary of State, etc... Nothing beats a good old fashioned book.

Good luck on your quest for knowledge!
Enyar wrote:
> Hi all
> Just wondered if anyone ever sent off for the electronic books that
> are always advertised when you go onto the message boards. "How to
> train your parrot etc etc" Anyone ever paid and then downloaded them
> electronically? Are they any use?

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