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Date:Thursday December 2, 2004 2:13:14 pm MST
Subject:Re: Nanday walking problems vet visit
Message:Oh, mavrck, I'm truly sorry. This must be so heart-breaking for you. I know that must be so hard to watch. That poor little guy.

How did all of this happen? Was he completely fine one day and the next day you uncovered his cage to find him on the floor? Did it seem to be a gradual paralysis that slowly spreads? Some toxins can cause paralysis (avian botulism), but so can disease. Psittacosis can affect the central nervous system and cause paralysis. Is your bird receiving doxycycline? What medicine has your vet prescribed? Have you noticed any improvements?

I so badly want to help you find the hope and strength to see your little guy through this. It will probably bring your relationship even closer. Don't give up on him.

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