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Date:Wednesday December 1, 2004 5:00:05 pm MST
Subject:Hanging on mama's skirt
Message:Just another story about my bird for all to enjoy. Kiwi has figured out if mommy doesn't stand by the cage and she want her (Me) all she has to do is spread her wings and fly. But Mr. Bird.................... oh does he cut it up, even if mommy stands a short distance away to coax him into spreading his wings to come if he wants to be on mommy's shoulder.

    But he found a new toy. While walking, bending over to pick this and that up off the floor he inched his way to the middle of my skirt. When I tried coaxing him back to my shoulder- I had to forget it, he was busy being a monkey bird and enjoying every last minute of it to.

The Cockateils, I let them have a turn to be out of theit cages but it was one at a time. They are still too closley bonded to do their own thing when out at the same time.    but we are getting there.

Kiwi doesn't like shimming down my skirt, but she lets me know what she does and does not like..........

The cat: She must have given up on bringing wild creatures into me, this morning she found half a plastic egg and waited on the doorstep for me to let her in.

The dogs: They just have to yank on each other's collars. I don't know what they see in that, but I guess Princess and Ebony see it as fun.

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