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Date:Tuesday November 30, 2004 4:14:46 pm MST
Subject:Re: sexually frustrated nanday :)
Message:Yes, I totally agree with Anna and Boo.

I also just want you to know that it is healthier for your bird to see you more as a parent or a teacher rather than as a mate. Not only is it a healthier relationship between you and your bird for the bird's sake, it is also more beneficial to you. A bird that is sexually frustrated often takes it out on their mate. Some species (such as captive cockatoos) have been known to attack and kill their mates in a fit of rage when they can't mate when they want to. The captive female can't get away from the attack and is killed. Other species pull feathers out of their mate's heads. But aggression is not uncommon when the hormones have kicked in.

I would suggest that you don't make a big deal or react in any animated way, but just put your bird down on her play gym or perch when she is starting this behavior with you. Once she has stopped you can go back over there and talk to her, have her help you do chores or sit and play with you or whatever.

I hope this helps.

Anna and Boo wrote:
> I think you've got it right, your little
> girl has hit puberty. Nippy behavior goes along with it. Enforce limits,
> don't let her have her way all the time, and don't encourage nesting/mating
> behavior with you.
> yogureta wrote:
> >
> > Anyways..he does this funny thing... backing up to my hand all puffed up
> > with his tail up in the air and making funny noises.
> > Does anybody have a clue what's that all about ? (shes doing it
> > right now.. shes humping my head!:)
> > She/he also became a lil more nippy than before but that might be
> > my fault letting her ride on my shoulder and then getting a nasty
> > bite when trying to take her down

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