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Name:Anna and Boo
Date:Tuesday November 30, 2004 2:07:50 pm MST
Subject:Re: sexually frustrated nanday :)
Message:Sure sounds like it! Usually their breeding season is triggered by more light, in the spring, but an adolescent doesn't really know how to react to their hormones. I think you've got it right, your little girl has hit puberty. Nippy behavior goes along with it. You might find that she's also chewing and shredding a lot more, and getting louder. This is normal. There's not much you can do about it except wait for her to grow out of it. Enforce limits, don't let her have her way all the time, and don't encourage nesting/mating behavior with you. Don't let her nest in small dark spaces, and don't rub her back or under wings. Up her calcium a bit, incase she decides to lay eggs. You can also try giving her a longer bedtime, in a dark and quiet room. Let her get the full 12 hours of sleep or more. And of course, cold showers or baths (I'm not kidding, LOL) are great to take her mind off breeding and give her a way to release some energy.

yogureta wrote:
> My lil feather ball is supposed to be less then a year old ( thats
> what I was told but I think he is a year older than that). Anyways..
> he does this funny thing... backing up to my hand all puffed up with
> his tail up in the air and making funny noises. Unlike head bobbing
> this looks a lil less innocent to me :) We decided my nan is a girl
> in puberty :)
> Does anybody have a clue what's that all about ? (shes doing it right
> now.. shes humping my head!:)
> She/he also became a lil more nippy than before but that might be my
> fault letting her ride on my shoulder and then getting a nasty bite
> when trying to take her down

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