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Name:Anna and Boo
Date:Sunday November 28, 2004 8:43:28 pm MST
Subject:I'm back from the Pomona birdmart
Message:Saw a lot of familiar faces, though not from this chat, I think. It was nice to get in touch with friends I haven't seen since I stopped going to birdclub meetings.

I got my pity buy of the day - a naked Nanday. Bought her from a really nice oriental lady for $23. It was all I had left, so I begged and pleaded till the lady gave in. I just felt so sorry for the bird, I couldn't leave her. Story goes, she's 6 years old, lost her mate, and has been picking for 6 months. She looks a lot older than that, and she's open-banded. I don't even know her sex for sure. She is really naked, everything from the crop down is gone, and the tops of her wings are naked, too. She looks healthy, other than that. It's a first for me, so we'll see if she grows anything back. If she's only been picking for 6 months, she may grow some feathers again, but I'm not hoping for anything right now.

The kitties had fun while I was gone. They opened up a big bag of kitty litter, and spread it in a thin layer all over the front room. Then mixed in some leftover cat kibble. Then I guess they got tired, because I found them sleeping on the couch together, curled up in a blanket. They looked so sleepy and innocent... It took me an hour to clean up the mess.

Anyone got a good recipe for cat stew?

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