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Date:Monday November 15, 2004 12:43:43 am MST
Subject:Re: rescued Nanday
Message:Cyndi wrote:
> I volunteer at the clinic of a parrot rescue center. There is a Nanday
> conure there that I am considering adopting. Penny came in a month or
> so ago with bacterial infections and damage to her face caused, it is
> thought, by a bite from a larger bird. Her beak is misshapen and skull
> damaged. She(?) is healthier now but is a special needs bird. I
> visited her today to try to make up my mind. After a few nips she sat
> quietly cussing on my hand but plainly wanted back into her cage. I
> have several very tame birds that I love cuddling, kissing and
> playing with and my question is will Penny ever be that tame.

Im not an expert but i do have an opinion.Im sorry to hear about what happened to penny.Penny is probably scared and nervous.You cant really say if she(?)will be tame or not.But im sure it will take some time love and care and she will definately come around to you handling her.Let her have time to gain your trust shell probably see you handling your birds and kno you are safe but she needs time and you shouldnt be forced to do anything she doesnt want to do,let her come around to you.Also if you do get penny she might be frightened by the other birds because of what happened.I hope i helped you in some way Good luck with penny and enjoy.


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