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Date:Monday November 15, 2004 12:14:04 am MST
Subject:A few questions im new at this!!Help!!??<3
Message:Hi, i recently purchased my nanday (dolce) from a pet shop nearby. I originally went to the store to buy some fish food and i saw him and fell in love i just couldn't leave without him, So i bought him. They told me that he is 4 months old, but i am not really too sure. So, anyways to get to my question: While i was reading through these messages i read one that said if your conures feet are black they are young and when they get older their feet turn more of a flesh color. Is this true? Also since i purchased my nanday at a pet store should i have him checked by a vet? And if so should he be taken to a a special bird vet (i forgot what its called) or can he be taken to a vet where i would take my dog or cat?

Thank you so much please help<3

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