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Name:Lorraine Mel
Date:Sunday November 14, 2004 11:33:10 am MST
Subject:Re: Wing clipping
Message:It all depends on what you believe..I have my nandays wings clipped only if I am going to take outside.If you have your birds out of the cage where there is doors being open,then it is best to clip their wings.I have known people who have had birds fly out the door as soon as the door was open.They have lost their birds forever.So it really depends on if you want to take the chance of your bird flying out the door.If you are the only one in your home,and only open doors when your birds are in the cage,then you don't need to clip the wings.

Yvonne wrote:
> could someone please advice me as to whether or nor i should have my
> conures wings clipped or not as i have read conflicting items about
> this.

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