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Date:Sunday November 14, 2004 8:24:25 am MST
Subject:Re: Sophie
Message:Your work hours will not be a problem for Sophie, especially if your hubby is there for part of that time too. Even though the hours may seem unusual to most of us humans, Sophie will quickly learn what days are Mommy's work days. It is still a routine. Letting her hang out with you is good and I'm sure she enjoys her mornings with you and watching ER with you.

That's good that she gets excited about lunch. Do you fix her a nice plate of healthy people foods? Will she eat any pellets? A good diet is a key factor in keeping Sophie feeling good and living a long healthy life.

She also seems to be getting good rest which makes for a more pleasant parrot during the day. <grin> They need 10-12 hours of quiet uninterrupted sleep time each night.

You'll be finding her a play gym and that will give her another interesting place to be outside of the cage besides on her humans. That will also be a place where she can explore some new or different toys.

Just find a good avian vet and keep their info handy just in case you have an emergency and I can't imagine anything else your bird will need besides guidance and a lot of love. You might find a nearby avian vet here

Good luck and fun with all your babies.

Chris wrote:
> Thank you for your advice. As she gets a little more comfortable with
> her surroundings, she seems to want to venture a little farther from
> my shoulder each day, but so far, not too far. I am trying to develop
> a routine with her. I work a rotating schedule. When I work, I work 12
> hours a day, but my husband steps in to spoil her when he is home (his
> hours are shorter, but more days). Of course, as soon as she hears the
> gate, I hear her calling for Mamma. On my days off, we get up promptly
> at 9, she sits on my shoulder while I watch ER and I drink my pot of
> coffee, then it's a cage cleaning and lunch for Sophie, and she gets
> really excited about then. This gives me a break to make the bed, get
> dressed and do my own grooming.
> I love my Sophie, but I love my Cocker Spaniel too. She is 6, and
> loves to hunt, and is a bird dog, so the introduction must be slow
> and careful. She is a smart dog, so I think if I do this right, it
> will be OK. She knows that the pigeons outside (rollers) are off
> limits, so I think in time, she will learn that Sophie is off limits
> too. I am looking forward to 40 years of Sophie. She is a great
> little bird. I will work on the self entertaining...... I think I
> need to get her a gym.
> Bedtime for Sophie is 10, and she is ready, and gladly goes to bed
> then. What else do you suggest I do to make her a happy girl?

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