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Date:Tuesday November 9, 2004 9:03:00 pm MST
Subject:Re: Friend for my Nanday?
Message:Kim wrote:
> Hi again
> Please can I get some advice. My Nanday is very bonded to me and gets
> jealous of everything and everyone. I want to get her a friend
> (probably male). I am just worried as to whether she will ever accept
> another bird - don't want to spend money on one and then have to build
> a third aviary - and guessing that I will fall in love with the bird I
> would not want to have to sell it if they don't get along.
> Any advice or suggestions woudl really be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Kim

Kim: Believe me, I understand that feeling, my Kiwi is the same way with me. Anyone goes to take her off my shoulder they are in for a nasty bite. But at the same time my situation is slightly different, but I can tell you what you may be in for.

A second Nanday, Mr. Bird came to live with me, and Kiwi made it absolutely clear that she did not like him taking over her space, over her family, or her person. She chased Mr. Bird off my shoulder several times. But I had to make certain that she understood that my heart, our hearts were big enough to share with her, Mr. Bird and the two Cockateils that joined our family.

At this point. I'm uncertain if I want them being buddy buddy because I have no idea what ball of wax I'm in for if I allow them to become parents, and how to take care of eggs, hatchlings, and how to make sure babies when old enough go to excellent homes.

Good thing is: Right now I'm not certain if I have two males, two hens, or a male and a hen.
Do I plan to have them sexed? No, not unless it becomes a matter of life and death for them. I don't like to bleed, and I don't like needles either so why should they?

Currently the situation is: Kiwi is tolerating Mr. Bird preening her, and some what eating out of the same seed dish even though they have their own. And Beak shaking. three times in a row. Firm, but short, The beaks remain open after, but I've not seen food exchanged between the two.

So if you get a friend it's going to take a great deal of time, energy, patience, and a firm hand with your Nanday to let him or her know he/she is loved dearly. (Cutting it up earns cage time when it's play time, but I never let it go beyond 15 minutes).

Bad news for me: Mr. Bird is screaming more, and I think it's because he would like Kiwi to accept him a little more than she's willing to, and I'm not about to force her two so I'm trying to give him extra attention, more cuddle time, play time, and more riding time on my shoulder to distract him.

Do I want them to have babies?

Honestly: I don't know. Part of me wants to let them be- cuz it's a natural thing.

But the other is: "Oh boy, I know I can't keep any of the babies, and I'm a stickler for handing my baby birds, dogs, cats over to people who do not, or will not care for them properly. I'd keep the babies until I died before I'd pass the babies to people who couldn't answer my questions, give me refrences ect. They are that important to me.

And I admit, I don't know everything. I'm a student in life, and a teacher in life, everyone is, and I have learned a great deal by just visiting this board.
Good luck Kim in whatever you decide.

Just don't go into getting a buddy for your bird with the thought and intentions that you will be giving the buddy away. I just don't think that's fair to the Buddy bird you are thinking of adopting or buying.

Once again: Good Luck.


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