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Date:Monday November 8, 2004 6:06:49 pm MST
Subject:Re: sneezing
Message:Congratulations on your new family member and welcome to the Nanday message boards!

Birds will sneeze sometimes just like we would. Something in the air could be bothering him, perhaps some dust or even the smell of someone's perfume, hairspray/gels/mousse, aftershave or lotions. It might even be the dryer sheets and the scent left on your clothing. Birds do have very sensitive respiratory systems. As long as you're not burning incense or scented candles, using any Teflon coated cookware or air fresheners or other aerosols around your bird, etc...and you are mindful of things that could bother your bird, then you're doing everything you can.

Most likely it isn't something to worry about, but if he starts sneezing a lot there could be something causing it such as a scent in the house or perhaps a slight respiratory infection or something. I don't want to make you paranoid though, it is probably nothing serious.

You are doing well to be so observant and watchful over your new avian friend. Birds do hide their illnesses and so you do need to look for subtle signs and watch the droppings for clues that the bird isn't feeling well. Your bird is off to a good start with your family. Good luck and again, congratulations.

Todd wrote:
> Hi, I recently purchased a nanday, & I'm already loving him. anyway, i
> have a question, he seems to sneeze every once in awhile, usually,
> maybe after grooming himself, over if he was a little worked up. its
> not constant, rather in frequent i guess. is this normal or should i
> be concerned?

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