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Date:Monday November 8, 2004 5:57:32 pm MST
Subject:Re: Buddy's 2nd Vet Trip
Message:I figured something like this might be going on. The same thing happened to a breeder friend of mine with a cockatiel chick that she couldn't get to wean after 5 months or so.

If you are giving Buddy an antibiotic, I would definitely ask for a probiotic to give your bird once the antibiotic has finished. The antibiotic wipes the gut flora clean and the good and bad bacteria will need to re-establish themselves. Some pellets contain beneficial bacteria, but by adding probiotic to their water this will help re-establish the good (gram-positive) bacteria first so it gets a strong foot-hold before any of the bad bacteria start to multiply. This also helps prevent yeast infections from getting a hold in the gut before the normal flora re-establishes itself. It is not possible to overdose with the probiotic. My vet would say that a 90/10 bacteria mix was normal, but 80/20 is certainly better than 60/40. You don't want to give them the probiotic until after the antibiotic treatment is done or else you're making the medicine work harder than it needs to.

Good, I'm glad the vet talked about how to give him foods and how to keep the foods safe and as bacteria free as possible. He probably talked about washing fruits and veggies with either antibacterial soap and water, a vinegar solution or some other way too, and then probably talked about how long you can leave out fresh raw vs. fresh cooked foods too. That is all good information to have and to know. Not that you caused this problem for your baby, he most likely came to you this way I would imagine.

I'm so glad that Buddy won't have to suffer any more and that he is on his way to a healthy and happy life. This is wonderful news!

Nancy wrote:
> I recently posted concerns about Buddy's (my Nanday) behavior. I
> called the place where I purchased him and talked with them about my
> concerns and they set up an apt. for him to have a 2nd opinion with
> another Vet. This is what I found out.
> For one Buddy has an infection, His was Gram-Positive 60% and Negative 40%.
> I was given some medicine for him for the next 7 days and will be taking him
> back to make sure this problem is cleared up.
> I was given some more information as far as foods go and what is the
> best way to give them. I was also told to just watch him and observe
> him for the next few months as far as his behavior to see how he
> progresses.

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