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Date:Monday November 8, 2004 4:21:43 pm MST
Subject:Buddy's 2nd Vet Trip
Message:I recently posted concerns about Buddy's (my Nanday) behavior. I called the place where I purchased him and talked with them about my concerns and they set up an apt. for him to have a 2nd opinion with another Vet. This is what I found out.
For one Buddy has an infection, Gram-Negative Bac... I was told it should be present only at about 20% verses the Gram-Positive Bac at 80%. Well after doing the test for this I was told that his was not right... His was Gram-Positive 60% and Negative 40%. I was given some medicine for him for the next 7 days and will be taking him back to make sure this problem is cleared up.
The Vet also ran a couple other tests which turned out good, so I'm relived with that news.
I was given some more information as far as foods go and what is the best way to give them. I was also told to just watch him and observe him for the next few months as far as his behavior to see how he progresses. If there are still concerns there I was told to bring him back in to get further testing done. This Vet thinks that some of Buddy's behavior was due to this infection but he appears to be healthy other than that. I am still working with him and trying to find out as much as I can about my precious little guy so I can give him the best care possible. Thanks to all of you who have given me some useful advice.

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