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Date:Friday November 5, 2004 10:03:40 pm MST
Subject:Re: Moving across the US with three conures
Message:I moved from Miami, FL to Seattle, WA last October with my Nanday Conure and my Green Cheek Conure. I emailed each state and asked them what I would need for traveling through their state. Most said that I would only need a health certificate, and some required the bird to either be banded or microchipped. I only had a problem with one state. Tennessee told me that nanday conures are illegal to own (I hope you are not moving to Tennessee) and that I could not bring my nanday into the state without the risk of him being taken. My husband and I opted for an extra 8 hour drive through Mississippi and Arkansas than risk them taking our nanday. We also printed out all of the email replies that we got from the various states and our health certificates and kept them accessible to us at all times (just in case we were stopped).

You can find a list of state vets at this address:

I would email each state that you will be traveling through to make sure there will be no issues with any of your birds. I would also advise going to the vet for a check up a couple of weeks before you are going to leave/get the health certificate. The health certificates are only good for a short period of time, so I waited until the week before we were leaving. My vet said that one of the smears looked odd and had to run extra test that would take a week to get back, and would not fill out the health certificate until all the test results were completed. It turned out everything was fine, but we did not get the certificate until the last minute, and thought we were going to have to call my husband's new job to try to negotiate a later start date. It was a lot of stress, and I wish I would have scheduled an earlier checkup.

Other than the legal issues, I would advise lots of toys and treats. If your birds are not used to the car, I would take them on short trips to get them ready.

Best of luck

Sheri wrote:
> I currently live in Texas. The earliest being end of December my
> husband is transferring with his job. I am looking at moving with
> three conures (Dusky, Nanday, sun) The question is what do I need to
> do if moving and traveling with them across several states. Most
> likely we will be moving to the midwest. I won't know where for
> another month? I am just concerned health wise and vet wise what do I
> need to do?

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