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Date:Tuesday November 2, 2004 6:35:39 pm MST
Subject:Re: Please answer...
Message:I read about a recent study that (not surprisingly) puts birds right up there with the intelligence of chimps and dolphins. This particular study involved getting a food rewards out of a plastic tube. The woodpecker finch beat out the chimp.

What I'm saying here is that birds are smart and not all birds like all people and not all people are suited to all types of birds. If your grandmother needs a bird in her life, she should go out there and meet these birds herself. Not all birds are created alike. Just like my dogs, sure I have my favorite. Once you've had a favorite it is hard to find a replacement. No two cockatiels are alike just as no two of any other species of parrot are alike. They are all as unique as you and I. They have their likes and dislikes, people they like and people they don't trust. Nothing can start the beginning of a 30 yr or longer relationship with a bird than an immediate attraction to each other. Some birds you will click with immediately. Those are your best bet for a pet.

Just because you don't click with a particular bird, that doesn't mean someone else might not. Don't fall prey to the petshops that hope you "rescue" their bird from terrible circumstances and a filthy cage. Find a bird that seems to be well cared for, appears healthy (take time to learn what a healthy bird looks like because birds hide their illnesses and can be expensive to treat). Research the breeds. Perhaps your grandmother would do much better with an interactive but much more gentle cockatiel? Cockatiels are not only more gentle, but they are also not so loud.

Owning birds is a whole new way of life. There are many things that average homes use or have that can be toxic and life threatening to birds/parrots. I wrote an article which you can view on my website about whether or not you really want a pet bird and how a pet bird can change your life. Take a peek at that here -

Nandays are unbelievably adaptable and I really think they are the most special of all the conures. I do love the conure species and have 4 different species here (yes, I love sun conures too) but Nandays are truly special. Still, it is going to take your bird a little bit of time to get to know you and trust you. He has changed homes so often recently, it might help if you know you are already committed to this bird, to talk to him and tell him that you love him and that this is his new home.

Share your food with him. Eating is a social thing with birds. Your bird will expect to eat when you do. The bird should be housed where the people spend most of their time. The bird needs to feel like a part of the family (the humans are his flock now, and flocks bring security and happiness). A basic routine will help your bird feel secure (uncovering when the sun rises, 10-12 hrs of sleep each night, out of cage time at around the same time each night, if you regularly work late on Thursday your bird will learn what to expect and that brings him comfort. Seeds should not comprise 100% of your bird's daily diet, so effort probably needs to be taken to provide a healthier diet.

Oh, I could go on and on about how to care for a bird. Let us know if we can help answer any specific questions you may have in the future. Good luck to you and just know that we are here for you.

(No name) wrote:
> Thank you to all who answered... I appreciate your help... I would
> like you all to know, that my grandmother wasn't very happy with my
> selection so, i decided to keep him for myself... I think he's a
> beatiful bird and in the future, i had planned on buying one for
> myself. However, I don't know much about birds and would like some
> help. He is sort of scared of me... I started talking to him
> yesterday, how long more or less does it take for them to feel comfy
> around me?
> Please give me any tips (I could use them)
> Denise

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