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Date:Tuesday November 2, 2004 1:28:52 pm MST
Subject:Re: Questions on Adult Nandays
Message:Tam wrote:

>    Can they be trained at this late time in their life?

That depends on what you mean by training.

No matter how old they are, Nandays can learn to enjoy your company. You should also be able to train them to step up on a perch, so that you can retrieve them and move them easily.

However, whether they will tolerate being touched by you, step up on your hand, or learn tricks depends entirely on the birds and on your patience. One possible difficulty is that, if they are a mated pair, then working with them one at a time - the best way to train a bird - may be difficult, because the bird you are working with will be continually distracted by calling to its mate. However, the birds may also be able to learn from each other.

Keep your training sessions short - maybe ten to fifteen minutes three times a day - and try to end on a positive note. In-between training, sit with them as much as you can. Feeding helps, too.

> What is the
> meaning of the noise they make that sounds like when you drum your
> tongue in your mouth making a rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsound.(make sure you
> have alot of spit in your mouth)

I'm not sure what sound you mean. However, I find that a soft cluck or a purr soothes most birds, because it is what they hear in the nest.

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