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Date:Tuesday November 2, 2004 9:37:28 am MST
Subject:Questions on Adult Nandays
Message:Difficult situation here. A close friend of mine who lives with his brother who has a collection of animals (stick bugs, boa snakes and their live food,different kinds of fish, and several types of birds) and raising them for other purposes then just pets.
   I am over there several time during the week, and have found myself becoming attached to the Nanday pair. They had no names, and after being around them for a time I finally named them. "The Evil Ones" "Evil and Evilette" They live up to their names! LOL I am the only one willing to take the time to be with them, letting them become familar with my voice, scent, and mannerism. And it has worked. When I knock on the door they know who I am. If I don't go over and say Hi to them right away they start having a screeching fit,eveyone tells me that they have missed me. They get very jealous and very loud when they see me over talking and paying attention to the other birds. Makes me feel good tho. :)
   No one knows what kind of environment they lived in prior to this family, but there were and still are very aggresive. Walking by and they attack the cage trying to get at you and bite. Threatening stances (I believe) and noises.They do love to attack the cage. and if you open the door they dont' get scared and back away..... they come forward with beak ready. They will take the food out of your hand....then toss their head to the side letting the food fly, and never touch it again. They have finally started to accept the food i hand them and to actually eat it!! :)   Unless we are having a bad day, and go back to the norm. If I stay away any longer than 3 days, boy they let me know it. Back to square one is my punishment, and maybe in a few hours they will start to be nice again.
   Sorry for the rambling.
   Can they be trained at this late time in their life? What is the meaning of the noise they make that sounds like when you drum your tongue in your mouth making a rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsound.(make sure you have alot of spit in your mouth)LOL. Sometimes the sounds will sooth them and make them curious, other times they will get real agitated by the sound. Could it be the frequencies that makes it one thing or another? The rolling of the head in a figure 8 position, while the wings are spread.(showing territorial dance?)
 Found by accident, they love to play peek-0-boo! The whole house gets a kick out of watching that one, heck they just love to watch and laugh at me with them.
   Sorry for this being long.
   Hoping to hear from someone


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