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Date:Monday November 1, 2004 1:17:56 pm MST
Subject:Re: Please answer...
Message:Denise wrote on the Nanday Conure Messages message board:

> I am Denise from Florida, My grandmother has always wanted a parrot,
> I finally purchased one for her, however, I was told that the Nandy
> Conure can be taght to talk? Is this true? Because the seller, told
> me yes, but, everyone that has seen the parrot tells me otherwse... I
> really need an answer because i will return it if it cannot talk?

Hi, Denise:

Before answering your question, let me say that I hope that you will not base your decision about keeping the bird on whether or not it can talk.

You should understand that nobody can know whether any particular bird can talk. Even in species that are supposed to be good talkers, some may never talk, or talk only when nobody is around.

Also, although some birds learn words without any training, much of the time, a bird only learns if you spend the time to teach it. Are you willing to spend hours repeating the same phrase over and over, never sure of whether you will be successful? Often, that is what it takes.

Moreover, if you buy a bird then quickly sell it because it doesn't talk, you may be contributing to bird abuse. Parrots need a stable environment, and many are abused by being passed around from owner to owner who never get the chance to know how wonderful they could be. Of course, if you really don't want the bird, then keeping it may not be very fair either, but I would hope that you would make every effort to find it a good home and not just concentrate on getting your money back.

Now, to answer your question: yes, some Nandays talk, but not all. However, in general, they seem to be moderately good talkers at best. In my experience, they seem to better mimics; I have known Nandays who imitated telephones, helicopters, donkeys, and even several different dogs. Many also seem to learn tricks fairly quickly. All of them make extremely good companions. They are very affectionate and very sensitive to the moods of those around them, and you may miss all that they have to offer if you focus too much on whether they talk.

If a Nanday talks, you should consider that a bonus. But deciding whether to keep a Nanday on the basis of whether it talks makes as much sense as choosing a friend because she has blonde hair.

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