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Date:Monday November 1, 2004 12:56:10 pm MST
Subject:Re: Help
Message:Debbie1 wrote:
> I can pretty much do anything to him. He never nips at me. My two
> daughters can touch him and he is alright with that, but really goes
> crazy with my husband and sons. This is my first larger bird and I
> could use some advice on how to tame him so that I can have him out
> and show him off around company.

The most likely answer is that you and your daughters are spending the most time with your bird. However, there may be other reasons, such as the way that everybody moves. For example, if you and your daughters move slowly around the bird and your husband and sons are more abrupt, then the bird may simply feel safer around women.

It's possible that the bird may have had bad experiences with men, but personally I am skeptical of claims that birds have gender preferences in humans. I have come across many parrots of different species that were supposed to be hostile to men, but all of them responded favorably to me so long as I was willing to make the effort with them. A large number of them were comfortable with me in a matter of minutes, although some took longer.

If your husband and sons want to develop a relation with the bird, then they are going to have spend more time with him, preferably in a quiet place. At first, they should simply sit near the bird, and maybe offer food. Later, when the bird seems to accept them being around, they might try training the bird to come up on them, first by offering a perch, and later by offering a hand or arm.

As for showing off the bird with company, don't expect too much. Some birds, especially hand-fed ones, learn to quickly accept strange people, but just as many others require time to accept new people. Others may be fine so long as someone they can trust is there for them to cling to. Still others may resolutely ignore strangers, pretending an absorbing interest in a toy while keeping a careful eye on them. It all depends on your bird's personality.

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