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Date:Monday November 1, 2004 10:33:46 am MST
Subject:Re: better than friends?
Message:Linda wrote:
> What is happening between my Nandays? Does anybody know?
> They are occasionally shaking beaks, not in a defensive, offensive,
> but an almost I like you, accept you manner?
> I'm not sure I want baby Nandays if they are bonding that's why I'm
> asking, but I do want them to get along.

Can you give a little more detail? What you describe might be courtship behavior, but it's hard to be sure from what you say.

Are your birds simply rubbing beaks, or are they regurgitating to each other? Do you know if you have a male and a female? Do you know how old your birds are?

Rubbing beaks is probably just a sign of friendliness, while regurgitation is usually a courtship or chick-rearing behavior. Sometimes, however, a bird nearing maturity may practice regurgitation with another flock member of either sex. Nandays usually reach adolescence about three years after hatching, although many don't successfully nest for a year or two after that.

You'll know soon enough whether you have a bonded pair; mating Nandays are not exactly shy. However, they usually require a nest before they will sit on any eggs laid, so you won't have any chicks unless you want them. It's a fascinating experience, and can be both wonderful and heart-breaking

You should also know that Nanday pairs bond very deeply with each other, and that separating a mated pair causes such deep distress that it should not be done unless absolutely necessary - for example, if one of a pair has to be hospitalized. If you do have a male and a female and you decide to separate them, you should do it as soon as possible before the bond is established. To wait to separate them would only be cruel.

All these comments, though, are speculation. Without more information, it's really hard to know what advice to give.

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