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Date:Monday November 1, 2004 7:16:57 am MST
Subject:Re: Please answer...
Message:Hi Denise,

Nanday conures aren't noted for their talking ability, but many do learn several words and phrases. My Nanday says "Hi" and "Kiwi" (his name), but you have to use your imagination to make the word out; he doesn't speak very clearly. He also makes kissing noises, though that's usually when he's in his cage talking to himself.

I wouldn't recommend purchasing any bird solely for its talking ability. First of all, in any species of bird there are those that talk and those that don't. While animals are considered property in most locations, it isn't like buying a book or an appliance. In the process of adopting a bird, you're promising to provide food, water, health care, and companionship to the animal. Nandays (like other parrots) need mental stimulation and regular socialization. I'm afraid that someone that would purchase a bird just because it will be able to talk may assume that the bird can also spend its life in the cage. That situation is likely to lead to feather plucking and other husbandry-related bad habits. Plus, birds only really learn to talk if they are out around people and if they are spoken to fairly regularly.

The second thing to consider (generally *before* the purchase of a parrot) is which species is right for you/your grandmother. Will the bird be in a house or in an apartment? Nanday conures are known for their squawk. While they aren't the loudest of parrots, they definitely have a reputation for high pitched noise (and they certainly can put volume behind it). If your neighbors are close enough to hear your bird (ie; through a shared wall), they may not find it acceptable. Also, some birds are more social than others. Nanday conures really do enjoy being handled on a regular basis. Nandays need a large enough cage to exercise and play in while they can't be out.

If you're looking for a talker but think you might want a smaller, quieter bird, you may want to look into Budgerigars (also known as Budgies; some people just call these parakeets). They can't imitate voices very well, but they often learn to speak a large vocabulary fairly clearly. They can live in a smaller cage, and the noise they produce isn't quite so offensive. Just remember that no bird will learn to talk unless it is around people regularly.

Good luck,

Denise wrote:
> Hello,
> I am Denise from Florida, My grandmother has always wanted a parrot,
> I finally purchased one for her, however, I was told that the Nandy
> Conure can be taght to talk? Is this true? Because the seller, told
> me yes, but, everyone that has seen the parrot tells me otherwse... I
> really need an answer because i will return it if it cannot talk?
> Please e-mail me at
> Thanks,
> Denise

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