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Date:Thursday October 28, 2004 10:51:00 pm MDT
Message:Hi Everyone

A few times I have noticed a mention of teaching the Nandays independence (especially in Anna and Boos messages). I really could do with some help in that area. when I got my Nanday she was a baby but I did not know much about birds and have spoilt her rotten. Now when I read posts I see all the thing sI did wrong. I love her dearly but she really is a brat and sure knows how to throw little tantrums when she does not get her own way.

I did not teach her to be independent and amuse herself. As a result - when she is out of her aviary and with me - which is in the mornings and evenings when I am home - she just wants to be either cuddled up in my hand at my chest or involved in whatever I am doing - she gets really upset and shouts at me is I dare leave her on her play gym or stand - even if I am only a metre or so away. This is not a huge problem now - but could be when I have a baby (human baby) in the next year or so. Any suggestions on what I can do to increase her independence and reverse the spoiling I have done. She is only just over two years old.



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