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Date:Wednesday October 27, 2004 3:46:11 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Nail Clipping
Message:Forenote: I apologize if a similar message from myself has already appeared; I thought I responded to this earlier, but it doesn't look like the post went through...

Margaret1 wrote:
> Although this place also sells those awful sandpaper perches (Why?
> Because people will buy them), they also sell wonderful perches such
> as the Sand & Walk Perch, the Beach Walk Perch, the Comfy Perch, the
> Pedicure Perch, the Cholla Cactus Perch, the Manu Mineral Perch - all
> perches that I have and are wonderful perches.

I didn't see a link on here, which probably means I just missed it, but I'll mention it just in case. I think Margaret was trying to point you here:

Sandpaper is particularly bad because the fine grain will wear down at the little bumps on the bottom of your conure's feet. Sores are not only open to infection, but your bird is likely to lose sleep and be less resistant to disease solely from discomfort. I keep a concrete Pedi-Perche by my conure's veggie bowl because he's sure to use it (it's the best place to wipe smushed peas off his beak). Perches with sand (not sandpaper) also seem to be pretty good at keeping nails short. Margaret's post suggested not trimming nails unless your bird is snagging soft surfaces or your arm is being ripped up. Those are probably the best indicators that you need a nail trim, but I know I feel better with a more quantitative measurement. Try putting your conure on a hard, flat surface (ie; a table). If the bird's toes lay flat on the table, the nails are probably at an appropriate length. If the nails are so long they push the tips of his toes off the table, they may be too long. If he's bleeding with every nail, you're probably cutting them too short.

While you're changing perches, make sure you have at least three different diameters and textures in your cage. (We've got two Comfy rope perches, two wooden dowels, two Pedi-Perches, and a Manzanita branch in ours.) If you don't have room for that many perches, at least try to get a perch with varying diameters along its length. The different diameters allow for your bird to use different muscles in his feet so none of them will be sore and over-used or weak and under-used.

Good luck; hopefully you'll never have to go through a traumatic nail trim again! (And, once again, sorry if I posted this message twice!)


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