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Date:Wednesday October 27, 2004 6:34:47 am MDT
Subject:Re: News Flash - Photos
Message:Yes, that is so true! The first time I got sick with flu after acquiring birds (all I had was the macaw at the time) I really dreaded it. I thought he'd be screaming his fool head off because here I was, home, and he wasn't being let out of his cage. When we're home and able to supervise, birds are always out of their cage. So here I was not "busy", just sick and I thought if I came out and laid on the couch in his room that he at least wouldn't feel like I was ignoring him although I certainly didn't feel well enough to chat, only to sleep. He sat quietly watching me and even played quietly. It touched me to the point of being misty-eyed. It was so heartening to receive such compassion out of my feathered friend. Aren't birds wonderful? Indeed!

Anna and Boo wrote:
> It's funny you mentioned it. I had the flu last week, and I swear, all
> the animals understood I was sick and actually were very well behaved.
> Once I started feeling better, all the critters
> started acting like two year olds with ADD and a major case of cabin
> fever... *Sigh*
> Back to the usual runaround routine...
> Margaret wrote:
> > I just dread catching a cold or getting sick. <grin>

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