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Name:Anna and Boo
Date:Wednesday October 27, 2004 12:56:53 am MDT
Subject:Re: News Flash - Photos
Message:It's funny you mentioned it. I had the flu last week, and I swear, all the animals understood I was sick and actually were very well behaved. The conures were quieter and not demanding their usual royal treatment, my macaw kept asking me "What's up?" and "Are you OK?", and the cockatoo was silent. Every time I lay down I had both cats jumping up to sniff and cuddle next to my face. It was all very sweet while it lasted. (Although the amazons could care less, as long as they got their food.) Once I started feeling better, all the critters started acting like two year olds with ADD and a major case of cabin fever... *Sigh*

Back to the usual runaround routine...

Margaret wrote:
> I just dread catching a cold or getting sick. <grin>

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