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Date:Tuesday October 26, 2004 12:45:31 pm MDT
Subject:Re: feather plucking?
Message:LOL! Thanks for sharing, Diana! Yes, and that displaced aggression can be turned onto you if for example, you have your beloved birdie on your shoulder and someone he truly hates (person, dog, etc...) comes into the room. The bird may attack the side of your face, your hair or your ear because he can't get to what he really wants to attack. Just something to be aware of if you have a bird that likes to exhibit his aggression.

Sometimes while on your shoulder he feels as if he is "sharing a perch" with his favorite human (your head) <grin> and if something the bird perceives as a danger or a threat enters the room, it is natural for a bird to peck/nip his mate to warn them and get them to take flight to reach a safer location from the perceived threat. Of course, your head can't leave your body, so you may be "warned" over and over until you can separate the protective bird from your shoulder or until the perceived threat leaves the room.

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