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Date:Tuesday October 26, 2004 8:33:40 am MDT
Subject:Re: feather plucking?
Message:Margaret wrote:
> It sounds to me like Mr. Bird is feeling his hormones (hence the
> tearing up of cage papers). That might also be a little displaced
> aggression he is working on there with those papers. Displaced
> aggression is normal for such an intelligent pet. He isn't in control
> (no should he be while living in the human's home) of his life and it
> can be naturally frustrating.

Just wanted to share a Kiwi displaced aggression story or two... When Kiwi isn't allowed out of his cage while we're in the room (usually because he does too much "helping" with our homework on occasion) you can tell he's angry at us. After the squawking fails to get our attention, he attacks any toy that gets near him. While he's pacing on the bottom of the cage, the jingle-balls (like cat toys) get heaved around and screamed at. If he's climbing around trying to figure out how to let himself out, he'll burst into angry little attacks on any of his hanging toys (particularly the ones with bells). He'll also squeeze himself between his Happy Hut and the cage and grumble to himself when he's given up on us.

Sorry, no feather-plucking advice here; good luck with Mr. Bird!


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