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Date:Monday October 25, 2004 8:38:39 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Should I or Should I not?
Message:Yes, Indica, I absolutely agree with you that Jess should not hook up with anyone that wouldn't accept her bird. But it seems that several single young people are banding together to buy homes or apartments and often one of their boyfriends/girlfriends moves in too. Also, with apartments it is common to share an apartment with another friend or two who may have a boyfriend/girlfriend who comes to stay on weekends or whatever. I'm just saying that it can make for a difficult situation if someone decides they don't care about the bird and they're going to burn their scented candles, use windex in the room where the bird is, smoke in the house, etc...whether the bird owner is home or not.

Sometimes a boyfriend/husband/roommate doesn't realize what living day in and day out with a parrot can really be like. Some people can tolerate the noise and the mess for many months before they can't stand it anymore. What may not seem like a big deal at first slowly turns into a big deal. Do you know what I mean? So even if the boyfriend/husband/roommate doesn't necessarily "hate birds" it doesn't mean they can live with them for an extended period of time. Heck, even some people who do love each other can't live with each other day in and day out. Sometimes pets can cause problems between roommates and sometimes people feel like they have no other choice in a living situation (for financial reasons or whatever). I just wanted Jess to think of all the options before bringing a long lived pet into her life. Parrots aren't always the easiest pets to live with. <smile> But I can't imagine life without mine. Never a dull moment, that is for sure. <grin>

A girlfriend of mine is a dog trainer. She had a house full of parrots and used to breed them. Her husband (now ex-husband) was OK with the birds at first and for several years, but she thinks he resented the time she had to spend caring for them each day. He pressed and pressed her to get rid of her birds (they also had a couple of young children together at the time) until she finally relented. Soon after the husband filed for divorce anyway and she was completely heartbroken, more so for her beloved avian companions more than anything. She said if she knew now what she didn't know then, she would have never re-homed her birds and just divorced her husband to begin with. Her flock has since grown again and she is very happily husbandless now.

I guess there is really nothing that completely prepares you for bird ownership. You try and weigh the good and the bad, you talk to existing parrot owners, you research about their needs, healthcare and household dangers, and still you don't realize what you have until you start living it. At least that is the way it seems to me. Was it on this board that I read about someone doing all their research, thinking they were smart and going to be a great bird Dad only to find out that when his wife's baby came, that screaming macaw "had to go". No, that was on another board, but it can happen to the best intentioned, educated new bird owner. I'm just glad Jess is weighing it all out and getting our advice and opinions.

(No name) wrote:
> But I must comment on one thing: "What if
> your boyfriend/husband/roommate hates your bird?" If you are a bird
> loving person and you want to have birds in the future i.e. you might
> plan to have kids, etc. but you do want to also own birds, I would
> suggest NOT dating or marrying someone that hates birds! :-) I
> wouldn't suggest changing your life to fit someone elses needs
> (having a dearly loved bird(s) for how long and getting rid of it
> because your boyfriend or husband wants you to! I say keep your bird
> and live how YOU want and find a boyfriend/husband who loves you for
> you and likes birds and isn't going to nag you to "get rid of that
> &*^!*#&^@ bird"). :-) Good luck on your decision on purchasing a fid.
> If you think you can do it, go for it, but consider your future
> closely. A fid (feathered kid, aka bird), especially a nanday, can be
> a wonderful incredible companion. And bring you years of joy and
> happiness if you plan it right.
>     Indica
> Margaret wrote:
> > I am so glad you are giving this a lot of thought, and you should.
> > What if your boyfriend/husband/roommate hates your bird?
> >
> > JessS wrote:
> > > Hello! My name's Jess and I'd like to delve into the chasm of Nanday
> > > conure information that is this forum. I've been a bird-junkie for
> > > years but, unfortunately, have not been able to get one of my very
> > > own due to the fact that I don't own the house I live in (I'm 17, not
> > > some older girl who still has to live with her parents). But I have
> > > done substantial research combined with having extensive hands-on
> > > experience with caring and working with birds so despite never having
> > > one live with me full time, I have a pretty good idea of what being
> > > owned by a bird is like. The only real hitch is trying to decide
> > > whether I would be right for a bird such as a Nanday. Thing is, I'm
> > > in my senior year of high school and am rather busy during the day.
> > > For example, most days I leave around 7 in the morning and dont get
> > > home until 5. And some days, tuesdays for example, I don't get home
> > > until even later. So as to my actual question, do you, the Nanday
> > > experts, think it would be a good idea for me to get a bird such as a
> > > Nanday, or a bird at all? Thanks a ton for any and all input :)

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