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Date:Monday October 25, 2004 8:30:49 pm MDT
Subject:Rescued Nanday Conure
Message:Hello, everyone

 I have just rescued a Nanday Conure that was abused by someone other then the last owner. But I have a feeling it was also abused by them too. The problem I am having is the conure likes me, but it hasn't got up on my hand since I placed him in a new cage. The conure squawks really loud, and acts like its attacking its toys and cage. The last owner told me he never flew. Also he always puts its foot up to his head and holds it there? Is this something this breed does? It also attacks women. I am guessing that whoever abused him was a woman. The last owners Husband smacked the cage when the bird squawked. But the conure liked him too. How can I get the bird to overcome its fear of women and me?

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