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Date:Monday October 25, 2004 8:16:54 pm MDT
Subject:Re: News Flash - Photos
Message:Thanks Anna, yes, that is my beloved little Whammy (sun conure). <grin> I was talking sweetly to him asking him if he was my baby and he puffed up like a little fuzz ball while Cozzy, my maroon belly looked on. I love that little Whammy.

Yes, you're right, that is about what it takes me each morning to take care of my guys - 2 hours. Then I get to work usually around 10:30am. I don't spend that long on cleaning when I get home, but I do spend time playing with them and letting them help me with various things. Whammy tends to hang out with me while I drink coffee (and other times too, of course) and today Cozzy spent time with me while I tended to the fish tanks. He has a playstand in the basement where he "helps" me to my basement chores. Gizzy, my nanday is always with me at the dining room table. Bebe, the green cheek gets to help me do things too and today she helped me sweep and vacuum. The cockatiels get a "group love" session and anyone who wants individualized attention will get it. They got to enjoy raw veggies and some whole wheat pasta with me after I ate my dinner. Thank goodness my husband helps and tonight he fed dogs and also played with all the birds too. It is definitely a team effort although I do feel that I get the brunt of it most days. <smile> That is OK.

I usually have helpers who play in the water in one side of my double sink while I wash bowls in the other side of the double sink (I really need a dishwasher and a second set of water/food cups. LOL!). I have helpers when I sweep and vacuum. Some help when we feed the dogs and they like to "steal" a kibble or small taste of canned dog food. They get their dog food pieces before they hit the actual dog food bowl, of course. Sure, it might take us a little longer to do our chores, but we have fun and play along the way. It isn't so bad.

I just dread catching a cold or getting sick. <grin>

I may be part of an upcoming Bird Talk article with my conures, so we'll see. If I get word which issue, I'll be sure to send another "News Flash". <grin>

Thanks, Anna!

Anna and Boo wrote:
> Congratulations, that's a great article! It's so nice to finaly be
> able to put the picture with the name. Cute Sun conure, BTW - is this
> Whammy?
> I'm amazed you have the energy to clean so often. That's a lot of
> work! I don't clean up more than once a day, ever. Otherwise I
> wouldn't have time to get anything alse done. It takes about 2 hours,
> to clean and feed my crew.

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