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Date:Saturday October 23, 2004 8:38:07 pm MDT
Subject:Re: check it out
Message:Here is a link which lists safe and unsafe wood for parrots. It also indicates how to properly disinfect the branches for the safety of your bird. Disease is common in wild birds and just think how many poop on those branches outside. Not to mention contamination but what about parasites and mites, etc...the process for disinfecting the wood will make it safe for your fids.

I'm sure there are other websites out there that list safe and unsafe wood. With the oak the leaves and the bark is not safe. Birds enjoy fresh branches because chewing the bark off them is a boredom buster. Sometimes they will ingest some of the bark and normally that isn't a problem. With oak, it can be a problem though.

Good luck with your perch making.

pat wrote:

> Randy, sorry I'm so late in finding your post. Great story. I was
> googling amazons and live oak trees trying to find out if the oaks
> were safe for Amazons and found your message. You answered my
> question. I want to make a perch out of the branches that I trim from
> my oaks (I'm here in beautiful Austin, Texas :)). Do you know what
> kind of oaks these Amazons are eating the acorns from? We have acorns
> all over the place and I wasn't sure if they were safe?

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