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Date:Wednesday October 20, 2004 5:14:22 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Help please....
Message:I'm sorry, Notgayaboutbirds, but I find absolutely nothing disturbing about what this person has done to open up her heart and her home to a bird in obvious need.  I agree that this bird probably does have parasites which could be contagious to humans (and in my opinion I believe it is Giardia), but the parasites are not life threatening if treated promptly and should not present any threat to the humans as long as sanitary procedures are adopted while the bird is being treated.  Procedures such as keeping the cage clean, the bird's cage water clean and washing your hands thoroughly before and after cleaning your bird's cage, bowls, etc...  Giardia is passed along in contaminated water by droppings.  It is highly unlikely that the human is going to drink poopy bird water.

Which brings me to ask Debbie if you ever had your bird treated with Ronidazole as if it did have Giardia so that disease could be ruled out?  Have you taken your new Nanday to the vet?

Notgayaboutbirds wrote:
> Debbie wrote:
> > HI ..
> > I went to my local Petco today where I am very friendly
> > with the associates there.
> > They advised me that some woman gave them her Nanday Conure.
> > When she brought this precious baby in. She has NO feathers.
> > Completely bald. From the neck down. plucked bald. Not one
> > down feather. Even the top of her wing is bitten raw.
> > I dont care how she looks, in my
> > eyes she is absolutely beautiful and will be loved even more than
> > my other babies (if that is possible). I want them to grow back
> > because she must get cold. I see pictures of how beautiful she
> > must have been. My heart is aching so much for her. I cannot wait
> > to get her home.
> >
> theres something wrong with you, not sure what but it is disturbing,
> the bird should be put down to end its misery, it probably has some
> parasite that you may catch as well.

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