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Date:Wednesday October 20, 2004 12:47:42 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Lost conure

I am very sorry to hear about losing your Conure.  Unfortunately, it is unlikely he will find his way back.  I feel very sorry for you both. if it was a dog, he would be ok, but birds have very little homing sense.

Anyhow, lets hope eh? Meantime here are a few practical tips.  First, tell everyone you can think of that he is lost.  Secondly, make fly posters and drive around putting them up on wherever is safe and in shop windows (ask permission first). Then telephone local bird/animal rescue centres etc and tell them. Look at pictures of him to give an accurate description to people. Next, if you have the money, put an ad in the lost column of your most local newspaper.

The quicker all this is done, the more chance you have of getting him back.

Good luck and let us all know what happens.

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