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Name:Trying to stay Hopeful
Date:Wednesday October 20, 2004 10:00:17 am MDT
Subject:Lost conure
Message:My boyfirend and I have a one year old nanday conure. We got him at only 4 months old for a bargain because he had an injured foot and we were successful in nursing him back to health. We recently moved to a new house say about 4 months now. He got pretty used to the place and the surrounding trees. We let him fly around freely every now and then but only in the day. He loves people. He flies to anyone; the mailman, the neighbors and our visitors. Last night while i was cleaning his cage, our baby flew out of the garage and away into the night. We couldnt see where he went. My boyfriend called for him and whistled but there was no response. My boyfriend who has a long history with birds told me that they cannot see well at night so he wouldnt recognize anything and would be too afraid to fly anyway. We waited till this morning when the sun started to rise and went out around the neighborhood calling him and my boyfriend has a special whistle that our baby always responds to. We had been at it for hours. What is the likelihood that he will find his way home? or that he made it safely through the night? We dont know what to do.

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