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Date:Wednesday March 5, 2003 12:35:59 pm MST
Subject:Re: I've had Mojo for one week now...
Message:Congratulations to you and Mojo!

My Nanday very occasionally shakes, and I think it is because he's cold. I can usually tell he's cold by the temperature of his feet and/or beak. I'm just guessing. Of course, if you suspect that Mojo's shaking might be due to something else, you should have him examined by an avian vet.

It's interesting that your Nanday set his bedtime at 8:30. Mine finds his way to "bed" whenever it gets dark year-round, which is considerably earlier than 8:30 at this time of year.

Lisa wrote:
> And he is the sweetest bird!  He loves to give kisses.  (Of course
> these are closed-mouth kisses as I know not to let him come into
> contact with my saliva.)  I want to ask a question, though, for
> anyone who will be kind enough to answer.  I have noticed that
> sometimes Mojo appears to shake.  I would love to know what this
> means.  Is he truly cold, or exicted, or what??  He's been eating
> great since we got him a week ago.  He is adjusting nicely to his new
> home.  I leave a radio on during the day while no one is home.  He
> seems to have set his own bedtime at 8:30.  
> I look forward to a response!  Everyone have a great day!
> Lisa :)

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