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Date:Thursday October 14, 2004 6:27:37 pm MDT
Subject:Re: nanday/jenday mix
Message:I don't know what they call a hybrid such as what you've described.  But I could only imagine how wondeful your baby must be.  I have a sweet sun conure who loves to snuggle under my shirts.  Now that the weather is cold and I layer my clothes I don't get scratched up as much <grin>.  My nanday is also a very sweet boy and is such a good baby.  I can only imagine the sweet mix of a personality you must have there.

Congratulations on your new sweet baby.  I wish you several decades of love and enjoyment with this little one.

Angela wrote:
> Hello all. I have a beautiful conure named Charlie who is 5 and a half
> months old and is a nanday/jenday hybrid. I was wondering if there was
> a proper name for this breed of bird. He looks like a nanday except
> for his head is a maroon color instead of black. He is so smart and
> makes many different syllables and sounds and I think pretty bird
> will be his first phrase. He is probably the most friendly parrot I
> have encountered. If I am home he is on my shoulder except when I
> sleep at night and he won't take no for an answer. Charlie is truly a
> great birdy buddy and I just wondered about a species name. Thanks,
> Angie

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