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Date:Wednesday October 13, 2004 3:12:25 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Can a conure get along with a cockatiel?
Message:If you want to become more involved in pet rescue, fostering birds waiting for "permanent" homes, etc..., I would check out the website.  You could start by doing a quick pet search, as if you were looking to adopt a homeless bird.  You can narrow this down by state/Zip code or geographical region.  From there you will receive a list of rescues and shelters with homeless pet birds and you can click on the ones closest to your current location.  That is one effective way to get in touch with bird rescues in your area.

When you get involved in rescue there can be out of pocket expenses incurred that may or may not be reimbursable from the club you are working through.  That would depend on their funding, I suppose, and what isn't reimbursed may qualify as a taxable donation.  That would depend on how the club is set up in the legal sense and that is also something to discuss with the club you choose to work with.  Then you also need to be aware of potential diseases that you may inadvertently introduce into your home that may affect the health of your existing pet cockatiel.  You need to have quarantine areas and maintain excellent hygienic practises and procedures using bird-safe disinfectants.  Rescue is indeed rewarding, but there is a lot more to think about than just helping birds find a forever home.

I am the online editor for the National Cockatiel Society and if you love cockatiels, that is a great organization too.  The club itself is more geared to showing birds and breeding birds though.  I don't do either.  I just maintain their website and run their message board (like this one, only geared towards cockatiels) called Talk About Tiels.  That site is

Good luck to you and your cockatiel.

MM wrote:
> Hi, Lynda:
> I just love birds. I am an international student, living alone with
> no family around, and my cockatiel is really my baby.
> Speaking of homeless birds, I am interested in helping out such
> birds. In fact how I brought my cockatiel home is after I took care
> of an injured wild dove I realized how much I missed living with
> birds as I did when I was a child.
> Does anyone know any good organizations for me to get involved in?
> MM

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