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Date:Tuesday October 12, 2004 4:37:46 pm MDT
Subject:Nanday molting/talking thank you...
Thanks for all of your responses.  I think I will very gently help the upper portions of her pin feathers loose to give her a boost.  She loves when I help groom her and lowers her head for me all the time, and will stay like that for a long time.  I once worked a feather, although very gently, too low down and a little bit of blood showed...I was amazed how easily it bled because I wasn't using anyforce or pinching the skin at all, she didn't even feel it or mind.  I monitered it though, since I've heard about "blood feathers" and how birds can easily bleed to death but it was fine.  I'll give her more baths in the sink- she loves them, then she loves to be wrapped up and babied in a towel afterwards.  
Thanks again everyone!

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