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Date:Thursday October 7, 2004 2:17:11 am MDT
Subject:Re: Help please....
Message:Debbie wrote:
> HI ..
> I went to my local Petco today where I am very friendly
> with the associates there. I have even purchased two
> of my favorite family members there. (Chattering Lory and
> a Green Cheek Conure)
> They advised me that some woman gave them her Nanday Conure.
> When she brought this precious baby in. She has NO feathers.
> Completely bald. From the neck down. plucked bald. Not one
> down feather. Even the top of her wing is bitten raw.
> They believe, based on the round band, that she was wild
> caught approx 10 yrs ago. She is a female. Petco said because
> the lady just dropped her off they CANNOT / WILL NOT sell her
> so they offered this precious baby to me. AFTER the vet checks
> her so the rest of my animals do not get harmed in any way.
> This is what the lady told the Petco Assoc.....
> She brought this precious baby in in a starter parakeet cage.
> She told the assoc. that since his "buddy" the parakeet died
> she has plucked all her feathers out and the lady no longer
> wanted her. When the assoc asked what size case this baby was
> used to the lady said  " She is in her regular cage". Imagine
> a parakeet cage for a Nanday Conure......
> Then the lady proceeded to hand the assoc. a bag of wild bird
> seed of mainly thistle seed. She told the assoc that is what
> this precious baby was living on. WILD bird seed!
> Needless to say the baby is so malnurished and almost totally
> bald.
> I ran out right away and bought a good size cage and two
> heating lamps to keep her warm...along with many toys and
> a tent bed that hangs from the top and many other goodies.
> My question is this......
> Will her feathers grow back ? I dont care how she looks, in my
> eyes she is absolutely beautiful and will be loved even more than
> my other babies (if that is possible). I want them to grow back
> because she must get cold. I see pictures of how beautiful she
> must have been. My heart is aching so much for her. I cannot wait
> to get her home.
> Does anyone have ANY information that will help me better care
> for this poor thing?
> Any/all info would be GREATLY appreciated...
> Thank you..!
> Anyone that may want to see a picture of her can email me
> at and when I get her I will send a photo.
> Thank you in advance for any help...
> Debbie...

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