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Date:Thursday October 7, 2004 2:16:23 am MDT
Subject:Help please....
Message:HI ..
I went to my local Petco today where I am very friendly
with the associates there. I have even purchased two
of my favorite family members there. (Chattering Lory and
a Green Cheek Conure)

They advised me that some woman gave them her Nanday Conure.

When she brought this precious baby in. She has NO feathers.
Completely bald. From the neck down. plucked bald. Not one
down feather. Even the top of her wing is bitten raw.

They believe, based on the round band, that she was wild
caught approx 10 yrs ago. She is a female. Petco said because
the lady just dropped her off they CANNOT / WILL NOT sell her
so they offered this precious baby to me. AFTER the vet checks
her so the rest of my animals do not get harmed in any way.

This is what the lady told the Petco Assoc.....

She brought this precious baby in in a starter parakeet cage.
She told the assoc. that since his "buddy" the parakeet died
she has plucked all her feathers out and the lady no longer
wanted her. When the assoc asked what size case this baby was
used to the lady said  " She is in her regular cage". Imagine
a parakeet cage for a Nanday Conure......

Then the lady proceeded to hand the assoc. a bag of wild bird
seed of mainly thistle seed. She told the assoc that is what
this precious baby was living on. WILD bird seed!

Needless to say the baby is so malnurished and almost totally

I ran out right away and bought a good size cage and two
heating lamps to keep her warm...along with many toys and
a tent bed that hangs from the top and many other goodies.

My question is this......

Will her feathers grow back ? I dont care how she looks, in my
eyes she is absolutely beautiful and will be loved even more than
my other babies (if that is possible). I want them to grow back
because she must get cold. I see pictures of how beautiful she
must have been. My heart is aching so much for her. I cannot wait
to get her home.

Does anyone have ANY information that will help me better care
for this poor thing?

Any/all info would be GREATLY appreciated...

Thank you..!

Anyone that may want to see a picture of her can email me
at and when I get her I will send a photo.

Thank you in advance for any help...


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