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Date:Tuesday October 5, 2004 8:04:41 pm MDT
Subject:Re: My nanday conure questions...
Message:Like owning a "dusty bird" in conjunction with a conure or other South American species of bird, they can develop allergies to things that they normally would not be exposed to.  In the wild, a South American species such as a conure, would not be exposed to living in a closed area (house) with an African grey, or a cockatoo or a cockatiel.

If Nandays (i.e. any parrot) are allergic to cats, I couldn't tell you from first hand.  What I can say is that many birds are highly sensitive to odors and scents and if your cat is marking all over the house, that very well could be affecting your bird as it would be any living being spending 24/7 in that location.  Not only that, but the silica found in many cat litters can not only cause cancers, but can also be breathing irritants for your pet birds.  At best, any litter boxes should be kept on a different floor-level than your birds are kept.

All in all, it is definitely best that you not mix pet cats and pet birds (or pet rats and pet birds).  The birds most always end up the losers in this scenario (not including a large macaw that removed the foot of a feline antagonizer in which the cat wandered off and bled to death, leaving the bird completely heathly).

The bacteria in a cat's mouth or on a cat's claw can kill a pet bird.  Often the cat and the bird have a small spat, whether you witness the event or not, and anytime the bird is scratched and avian veterinary attention is not sought, the bird will die from infection.  This isn't always a fast-acting demise, it can last several painful (for the bird) months.

If you choose to have a cat and a parrot for a pet, just know that your parrot's life depends on your vigilence.

Cats as well as birds can both cause allergies and problems in their humans' lives.  As long as the humans are aware and remain vigilent in the care and cleaning, they should be fine.  That is also taking into consideration that both the bird and the cat should never, ever be left the opportunity to interact when a human is not supervising 100% of the time.

Be good to your pets and take responsibility.

I hope this helps.

pete wrote:
> HI i'm wondering if any one could help me and answer a question or
> two....
> I was told that nanday conures are allergic to cats :S well i'm
> getting an indoor cat and was wondering if it was true i wouldn't
> want to hurt him .........
> my bird is a little wild and i was wondering if any one had any
> suggestions on how to tame him a little.....
>              Thank you for your time

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