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Date:Sunday October 3, 2004 10:15:17 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Creating Bird collars
Message:I didn't mean Mr. Bird's problem was husbandry, but I think in most cases a bored or stressed bird is much more likely to develop the feather-plucking habit.  It's great that he's getting better; it sounds like he's getting to be a well-adjusted little bird.

My bird diaper is used solely for leaving the house; Kiwi's being (semi) potty trained for inside purposes.  I just refuse to trust that he'd stay with me if I took him out without a leash.  I certainly wouldn't use it as a measure to keep my house clean; with the zoo at this house that would just be silly (dog hair is a much larger problem around here).  The longest amount of time he's had it on is two hours straight, and the poop pouch definitely provides sanitary room for that amount of time.  (Though with larger birds I believe the company recommends changes every hour; don't take my word on that.)  Stores are much more receptive of a bird with a diaper though...


linda E wrote:
> I would never be that creative. I'm one of these people who would be
> better off buying the collar from the vet if it comes down to this. I
> do however think that Mr. Bird will never have to use one. We keep him
> pretty busy most days I think. The birds let us know when it's time to
> get up, and he wanders to whomever he can get to first, or who's
> chewing on a carrot stick. He takes shower's in the shower and in his
> own little private bowl, he gets cuddled often, and he's allowed to
> wander on top of his cage. He's also learning to sit next to Kiwi on
> the play station., She's not necessarily too happy about that. As
> long as he minds his P's and Q's she tolerates him sitting next to
> her.
> Dr. Lincoln said that he had found that most bird's started feather
> picking just out of bad habit, much like when we bite and chew our
> own fingernails. So I'm assuming he didn't think it was anything to
> do with husbandry issues.
> Diana, are you finding the bird diapers a very sanitary measure for
> the bird?
> Even though that might be healthy for us, is it healthy for them?
> How often do you find it necessary to change the diaper?
> Margaret, and or Anna and Boo is it better to "Potty Train, than to
> have our little wild tame creatures wear diapers?
> I'm just very courious. I want what's going to be best for my fine
> feathered friends in my care, and at the same time keep myself, my
> family, and my house as clean as possible.
> What are everyone's views about Bird Diapers? I'm all ears. I would
> like to know. Thanks. Linda

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