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Name:Linda E.
Date:Sunday October 3, 2004 12:16:10 am MDT
Subject:Elizabethan Collars for Birds?
Message:I wonder if anyone has ever heard of Elizabethan Collars for birds, like they have for dogs? The reason I'm asking is that I took Mr. Bird to his first exam ever since his purchase from a pet shop a few years back. (The people I got Mr. Bird from said they had never taken him to the vet because he had been fine up until last October when he started feather picking. That was the main reason I wanted him to be examined to make sure he wasn't coming down with a disease, and to see if there was a nutritional supplement that would help him grow feathers back.

I got some great news though! SInce coming to live with us he's doubled his feathers and has not picked. (I'm knocking on wood).  He was an excellent vet. He said that maybe what we should do is weight for him to go through 2 more molts, and then if he is still feather picking if he will tolerate this Elizabethan Collar he would be wearing it for a while, and he said which didn't make me happy that a bird sometimes has to wear it for a year to help the bird stop.

He also said Kiwi Anna's presence probably helped him kick the feather picking habit. Trouble is she still can't decide whether to fight or just get along with him.

Another area that Dr. Lincoln mentioned might be of some interest to Diana. He explained that the field of animal medicine is developing effective anti depressants for birds that feather pick too. (I thought that was kind of extreme, but I was glad to hear of the new area of study.

Wish ya all luck with your birds and other pets. I'm most certainly happy with mine.

Linda E.

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