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Date:Monday September 27, 2004 3:28:30 pm MDT
Subject:Re: returning to his cage
Message:Well, since you've let your bird "be a bird" for so long - staying outside in the aviary, flying all over the place inside the home, going anywhere he wants, no wonder he isn't cooperating and looking at you like you're nuts when you try to get him inside that small cage.  During the summer, you didn't cage him or cover him at night (did you?), you let him retreat to a sleep box, right?

What do you do with this bird now when you have to leave the house?  I'm sure the more rushed you are, the less cooperative the bird becomes, even more than usual.  Am I right?

It isn't going to be easy and it will take a firm but gentle hand, but you will be able to get the bird to go in his cage (or at least go in when you put him in).  In my opinion, it is like having a kid that has never had any set bedtime, can stay up as late as you are, then goes to bed whenever you do and not in their own bed, but in your bed.  Then all of a sudden kindergarten starts and you wonder why the kid has a screaming fit and won't stay in his own bedroom, etc...  If the bird was a baby you acquired less than a year ago, then this is probably the first time he is expected to be inside a cage upon demand.

I'm telling you that trimming the flight feathers will do wonders.  He will be much easier to control.  It will remove some of his independence and make him rely on you and thus, more cooperative.  If he needs you to get from his cage to his play gym on the other side of the room, then he will be much more likely to cooperate with you in order to get there.  He won't be able to fly away when you try to put him in his cage, he'll just glide to the ground where you will pick him up and try to put him in his cage again.  That process can go over and over until you finally get him in there.  Once he is inside his cage for a few minutes, tell him what a good boy he is for sitting in his cage, give him a treat and then cover him.  I hear my Nanday eating after I cover him all the time.  Trimming the flight feathers will also help you control the poops.  You won't have to worry about where he is or what he's doing if you are cooking hot things on the stove, for example.  You won't have to worry about ceiling fans or windows/mirrors that the bird thinks he can fly through.  You won't have to worry about someone opening the door or having your nanday escape.  Your bird can still get exercise by sitting on his perch and flapping his wings like crazy.  If you don't have his flight feathers trimmed, I think you are making a big mistake with this pet that is supposed to be living in a human's home.  Sure, birds in the wild need flight.  Birds that are kept in aviaries can keep their flight ability.  Birds inside the home that spend any amount of time outside their cage (which they should, for at least two hours on a daily basis) definitely should have their flight feathers trimmed for their own safety.

You are right that this bird is going to feel he is the boss.  He already seems to...he can go anywhere he wants at any time he wants.  You give me the impression that this bird stays in your room, as in an office or a bedroom where you can shut the door to the rest of the house, is this right?  Are you still living at home with your parents?

I'll tell you, it is going to be hard enough training him with what to expect for his "indoor life" and his "outdoor life", and that is going to take a couple of years I would imagine.  You can let him fly in the warmer months when he is in the aviary outdoors.  When he is indoors he needs to follow rules and be an appropriate pet indoors.  As the years go by and he begins to see the pattern, he will learn to know what to expect and when to expect it.

It is like allowing a child complete and total freedom.  Are you "really" doing that child any favors?

What happens if your bird finds an electrical cord and electrocutes itself?  Trimming a bird's feathers is not painful to the bird and it is like getting a hair cut is for us.

OK, enough of my trying to convince you.  Please take a look at the webpage here -  At first, it talks about how to trim the toe nails and then towards the bottom it talks about trimming the flight feathers.  Please, read this when you get the chance.

Until you get your bird cooperating with you, I would keep the wing feathers trimmed.  Once your bird is cooperating with you, try letting his feather grow back in (they can grow quickly) and then see if he reverts back to uncooperative behavior.

Good luck.

yogureta wrote:
> I feel I have to share a story about my nanday (at first named Hugo
> but everybody calls him Kiki nowadays) I got him as a pretty wild
> parent raised birdie. After a few months he was still very untame but
> I let him adjust at his pace. I went away on vacation for two weeks
> and left him with a friend of mine. After I got back there was a
> different bird waiting for me. He would let u scratch his had all day
> and was much tamer then I left him. My friends said she did nothing
> special with him and he was like that almost from the start. I was so
> jelous :) Now he is same way with me.. even worse:)He has to have
> things his way tho. Its very cute now but I think in a few months
> he'll be impossible. He just stole a letter from my keyboard :) I
> know I have to make myself a boss rather than let him take over or
> soon I wont be allowed in my room unless he wants me there:) Anyways,
> I heard stories that parent raised chicks can never be as tame .. I
> dont think so anymore.
> I know everybody recommends wing clipping but no matter what I still
> cant make myself to do it. I want my bird to fly. The thing we'll
> have to have clipped however are his toenails - my hands are all
> covered in lil cuts:)
> now the cage problem: I will try some of the things you mentioned. Im
> affraid his cage isnt very big (its his winter cage and I dont have
> enough space inside for a bigger one - in summer he has more space
> outside) but Ill still try to make it a home hed want to come back to
> at night at least :)
> I tried bribing and it doesnt work.. no matter how hungry he is it
> seems - toys dont work either
> And another thing... he does this funny thing - takes something like
> a cage bar or my finger in his beak, makes funny noises and shakes
> his head very fast like he is having some kind of fit. Is there any
> explanation for this you might know ?
> Thank you for all the advice and ideas :)

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