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Date:Monday September 27, 2004 2:50:43 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Making Friends
Message:I would look at both of the bird's body language as you bring the birds closer together.  It is sort of like approaching a bird for the first time to ask it to "step up", you just have to watch for signs of aggression and then go for it if all appears well - you know what I mean?

If the birds both seem interested in each other, you can let them sit in their cages closer together - not pressed up again each other's cage where their feet can touch the bars of the other cage, but close enough to see what their reaction to each other might be.  If one of them lunges towards the other, you wouldn't want to introduce them (at least not at that moment).  Even birds who adore each other can bicker or get on each other's nerves at times, so try and make sure that they seem "in the mood" to be friendly when you finally do put them down together.

Pick a time to introduce the two when the house seems quiet and everyone is relaxed (including the birds).  Pick a "neutral" location for both birds as well, that way nobody feels like the other one is an intruder on their turf, so to speak.  That might mean in your bedroom (or any room where they are not used to being).  If you place a food cup down where the birds will meet, that is liable to start a fight even if you place two food cups down with the exact same items.  Same goes for toys.

Keep something handy so that you can separate the two birds if necessary.  If birds are fighting, they are liable to be biting at each other or "dueling beaks" and if they can't bite each other they may bite anything that is close enough (such as your hand/fingers trying to separate them).  I like to use a section of newspaper - just get something that is large enough to keep them from biting each other while you physically separate them.  You could also use a large envelope, anything to keep them from seeing each other and continuing the battle.

While in quarantine, they most likely <grin> were able to hear each other, so they already know that the other one is in the house.  I'm not sure how long the quarantine period has been over, but if they've also been looking at each other for a few days, then that can help too.

You might want to hold one bird and pass the tail feathers past the other one.  My Nanday, goes after other bird's tail feathers and he doesn't want to interact with the other birds at all.

Much depends on the individual birds.  Go slowly, be careful, have a helper (another human to carry a bird to the neutral room while you carry the other - plus the other human can help you separate birds quickly if the need arises) and watch the bird's body language closely.

I hope this helps.  Good luck!

Heidi_n_Oscar_n_Felix wrote:
> Hello I have posted a few times about my beautiful nanday Oscar well
> my fiance and I have rescued another of these beautiful conures from
> a poor living environment i will spare you the details but lets just
> say he lived in the their kitchen eating the mini blinds for
> starters.   I have since taken both to the vet (clean bills of
> health) and started trying to ween him to pellets (he is in love with
> safflower? seeds) they told me he doesn't talk but we have found he
> has a very large vocabulary and is partial to women.  My question to
> all nanday owners would be how would I go about introducing my little
> guys in the least stressful way I would like them to be friends and
> have outside play time together (he has been quarantined? kept away
> from oscar for 60-90 days) now they have cages near but not right
> next to each other they seem to want to see each other but i am
> afraid of making a mistake and hurting or stressing my little guys
> they are male and female if you need to know that please someone
> throw me any ideas you may have I would greatly appreciate it.

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