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Date:Monday September 27, 2004 2:24:44 pm MDT
Subject:Bad mood Hudson!
Message:Hi all,

Well, Hudson certainly got a grump on with me today.  After giving him seed, water and fresh veg this morning, I removed his seed when it seemed pretty done with, just leaving the veg in his other feeder.  He had a go at his veg and I also gave him some toast cut in small managable bits.  He kept looking to see if I would put his seed in the usual place, but I didnt.  He had a bit more veg that we had at teatime, but I still haven't put seed in.  He didn't get any more seed until he came upstairs to his playstand tonight and decided he was going to be more sociable.

This afternoon, when I got back from college, I had him out for his training session and some play.  What a grump!  He didnt want to play much and he lost concentration on "step up" after a few minutes. He even gave me a nasty bite at one point!  All because I had removed his seed :))  These guys do have their own little personalities.

Wonder how he'll be tomorrow??

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