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Date:Monday September 27, 2004 7:02:08 am MDT
Subject:Re: returning to his cage
Message:yogureta wrote:
> I know everybody recommends wing clipping but no matter what I still
> cant make myself to do it. I want my bird to fly. The thing we'll
> have to have clipped however are his toenails - my hands are all
> covered in lil cuts:)

I know how you feel about the wing clipping; my household is still debating over the pros and cons of wing clipping.  I think it'll depend on how much we trust our birds after they've molted the dramatic wing clip they came with.  (They will get to be free-flighted for a little while, just so they can learn how to fly the correct way.)  And I've got those little cuts all over too; people must think I'm really accident-prone...

> And another thing... he does this funny thing - takes something like
> a cage bar or my finger in his beak, makes funny noises and shakes
> his head very fast like he is having some kind of fit. Is there any
> explanation for this you might know ?
> Thank you for all the advice and ideas :)

My bird does the same thing, which looks exactly like he did when he was being syringe-fed as a baby.  (His funny noises sound like squeaky quacks...)  He does it regardless of whether or not he just ate, so I don't think it's a hunger thing.  I think it's just more of a habit or some sort of parent/baby bird establishment.  (I'm sure someone here knows way more about this behavior; I'm just speculating.)  It did give me an idea though...  Has your bird ever been on a baby bird formula?  Kiwi (my Nanday) is obsessed with the stuff; I think I could get him to do anything for a little bit of goop.  I don't know if they sell it in small portions (I've never done the handfeeding thing myself), but if they do you may want to try it.  Mix a little in one of his bowls, and let him try it outside of the cage.  If he does fall in love with it, he (hopefully) won't mind following it into the cage.  It's worth a try, at least...


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