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Date:Monday September 27, 2004 6:45:49 am MDT
Subject:Re: Making Friends
Message:I honestly don't have any advice, having no experience in bird introduction.  I just wanted to say "yay for quarantines!"  You've at least got the first step down for having a a couple of happy, healthy conures!  Enjoy them!


Heidi_n_Oscar_n_Felix wrote:
> Hello I have posted a few times about my beautiful nanday Oscar well
> my fiance and I have rescued another of these beautiful conures from
> a poor living environment i will spare you the details but lets just
> say he lived in the their kitchen eating the mini blinds for
> starters.   I have since taken both to the vet (clean bills of
> health) and started trying to ween him to pellets (he is in love with
> safflower? seeds) they told me he doesn't talk but we have found he
> has a very large vocabulary and is partial to women.  My question to
> all nanday owners would be how would I go about introducing my little
> guys in the least stressful way I would like them to be friends and
> have outside play time together (he has been quarantined? kept away
> from oscar for 60-90 days) now they have cages near but not right
> next to each other they seem to want to see each other but i am
> afraid of making a mistake and hurting or stressing my little guys
> they are male and female if you need to know that please someone
> throw me any ideas you may have I would greatly appreciate it.

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