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Date:Monday September 27, 2004 6:45:05 am MDT
Subject:Re: returning to his cage
Message:I feel I have to share a story about my nanday (at first named Hugo but everybody calls him Kiki nowadays) I got him as a pretty wild parent raised birdie. After a few months he was still very untame but I let him adjust at his pace. I went away on vacation for two weeks and left him with a friend of mine. After I got back there was a different bird waiting for me. He would let u scratch his had all day and was much tamer then I left him. My friends said she did nothing special with him and he was like that almost from the start. I was so jelous :) Now he is same way with me.. even worse:)He has to have things his way tho. Its very cute now but I think in a few months he'll be impossible. He just stole a letter from my keyboard :) I know I have to make myself a boss rather than let him take over or soon I wont be allowed in my room unless he wants me there:) Anyways, I heard stories that parent raised chicks can never be as tame .. I dont think so anymore.
I know everybody recommends wing clipping but no matter what I still cant make myself to do it. I want my bird to fly. The thing we'll have to have clipped however are his toenails - my hands are all covered in lil cuts:)
now the cage problem: I will try some of the things you mentioned. Im affraid his cage isnt very big (its his winter cage and I dont have enough space inside for a bigger one - in summer he has more space outside) but Ill still try to make it a home hed want to come back to at night at least :)
I tried bribing and it doesnt work.. no matter how hungry he is it seems - toys dont work either
And another thing... he does this funny thing - takes something like a cage bar or my finger in his beak, makes funny noises and shakes his head very fast like he is having some kind of fit. Is there any explanation for this you might know ?
Thank you for all the advice and ideas :)

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